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If you are having a problem with Reference Tracker, have a look at the frequently asked questions below, or email us and we will be happy to help.


What are the system requirements for Reference Tracker?

Reference Tracker runs on Macs running macOS 11.1 or higher or iPads running iOS 16.0 or higher.


Reference Tracker does not have the reference style I need, what can I do?

Reference Tracker has a style editor which allows you to modify existing references styles or create you own custom styles. Additionally custom styles can be shared with other users. To create a custom style on Mac select 'Manage Styles...' from the 'Reference Tracker', on iPad tap on 'Styles Manager' in the Document Browser.


Are Reference Tracker v1 and v2 still available?

Reference Tracker v3 is the current version. Reference Tracker for Mac v1 and v2 are no longer being sold or updated, but if you purchased them you can still download and use them if you have a compatible computer. Reference Tracker 1.7.1 was the last update to the Reference Tracker v1 and is available for download here. You can unlock it using your license code. Compatibility of this version with OS X 10.8 and higher is not guaranteed. Reference Tracker 2.8 was the last update to Reference Tracker v2. If you purchased this on the Mac App Store, you can download it from the list of your previous purchases in your account. If you purchased it from the Malkinware website, you can download it here and unlock it with your license code. Compatibility of this version with macOS 11 and higher is not guaranteed. If you can't find your license code for Reference Tracker v1 or v2, just email us and we will help you out.