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Reference Tracker Features Guide for Reviewers

Guide Book This PDF guide book provides a tour of all the major features of Reference Tracker 2 with usage instructions, licensing & pricing information, system requirements and links for further information. Download (4.04 MB).


Screenshot Images

Screenshots This is a set of uncompressed, full quality screenshots of the various Reference Tracker windows and dialogues. There are in tiff format, with transparency in both Retina and non-Retina variants. Download Standard Screenshots (1.08 MB), Download Retina Screenshots (2.64 MB).


Reference Tracker Icon Images

App Icon A collection of images of the Reference Tracker icon, at 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and 1024 pixels square sizes. Download (1.41 MB).


Example Document

Doc Icon This is an example Reference Tracker 2 document, containing a selection of references of different types, that can be used for testing, evaluation and review. Download (8 KB).


Recent Press Releases

Reference Tracker 2.0 for Mac OS X: A Popular Academic Reference Manager


Press Contact

For any further information, including requests for review licenses, please contact Jim McGowan at

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