Line and Paragraph Indentation in Reference Tracker's Formatted Lists

15 August 2010

This archived article is about an old version of Reference Tracker.

If your require line or paragraph indentation in your formatted reference lists, Reference Tracker's formatted reference list editor window can setup these indentations for you.

When using our Reference Tracker application setting line/paragraph indentations is done using the rulers interface in the formatted reference list editor window. Open a Reference Tracker document, and click the Generate Reference List button to open the formatted list editor window. If the ruler is not visible between the window's toolbar and the formatted reference list click the Rulers button on the toolbar.




Adjusting the settings in the ruler affects only the selected text, therefore if you want to adjust settings for the entire list, you must select all the text (with Edit > Select All from the menu, or with Command + A on your keyboard).

The small horizontal bar and the small downwards pointing triangle on the left edge of the ruler adjust the indentation of the selected text.




Dragging the horizontal bar to the left will indent the first line of a paragraph; dragging the triangle will indent every other line in a paragraph after the first.


Indented First Lines


Indented Other Lines
Indented Other Lines


Once you have your indentation set as required, you can use the 'Send To' feature or use copy/paste to get your formatted list into your word processor document. Your indentation settings will remain in place in the word processor. The ruler s the same as is used in other Macintosh applications and can also adjust other paragraph settings, such as tab stops, justification and line spacing. Note however that changes to paragraph settings are not saved if you close the editor window.



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